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Elsa baby Vector by KawaiiDesuMint


To get some more practice with Adobe Illustrator I figured it’d be fun to work on a picture of my favorite Disney Princess. I found a sketch of baby Elsa, done by Steve Thompson who was inspired by Jin Kim’s drawings of Elsa and Anna as toddlers.

This is by NO means my original artwork. The sketch and lines are credit to Steve Thompson all I did was make it into a vector for fun and for practice.

You can find Steve’s original sketch of little Elsa here:

While you’re at it you should hop on over to Steve Thompson’s blog because he’s got amazing and beautiful sketches there. The man’s a genius.

Thompson’s Tumblr: stevethompson-art

Little Elsa drawing is © Steve Thompson
Elsa is © The Walt Disney company
Vector art © mintkissuart / mintkissu


Made myself a fun Periwinkle Photomanip just because. None of the images are mine, all are borrowed for personal use obviously. I’m not distributing this or anything. Please don’t repost, just reblog. Please and Thanks. 

Image is property of mintkissuart aka myself.


Morning sketch of my neverfairy, Cookie after checking out awesome fairy sketches by Steve Thompson.


I really hate working on Adobe Illustrator. All semester long our professor hasn’t taught us crap and we’ve pretty much had to figure out the program by ourselves. Smh. Oh well I may hate illustrator but I have to say I’m pretty proud of how this is coming along.

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WIP of Princess Djinn

art and character are © mintkissuart/mintkissu on tumblr

Sneak preview of what I’m working on at the moment. 

Have I mentioned how much I hate illustrator?

Art © Brownies Mc Gee/Danielle Roperto aka me.